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princesselika's Journal

Erika K.
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Where do I start? First and foremost I am a HUGE JESUS FREAK!! I know that God is my one and only ticket to salvation and he has SAVED me from an eternity of hell. I praise him daily and thank him daily for all his grace and mercy he has bestowed upon myself and my family!

Ah, Family - - - my second cornerstone. They are what I breathe. Without my hubbie I'd be lost. He has helped me become a better Christian woman and a better mother. He is my best friend and my soul mate...his name is Tony.
Tony and I have been BLESSED by the Lord above with two remarkable children. Alyssa is 2 1/2 (March 5, 03) and is my little diva. She calls me Princess Elika (from Barbie and the Pauper) and herself Princess Barbie Alyssa Cinderella...oh what a joy she is. At the age of 16 months old she was diagnosed with a benign lbrain tumor -- not cancer --- on July 28th 2004 she started her first chemotherapy treatment to shrink it and it has shrank in half! PRAISE GOD --- he did it! On October 19th, 2005 our lives were blessed with that being her LAST treatment! She's blossoming beyond belief and still she is our walking testimony!
Our little man Isaac - what can't I say about this sweet soul?!! He's 4 1/2 months old (June 16, 2005) and is our answered prayer. We look forward to teaching him all about how Jesus blessed us with him and his sister - he puts a smile on our face daily!!

WE are the proud parents of two furry babies --- Billiam aka Bill-Bill is our 12 year old fat tabby and Sir Brutus Alfredo is our 10 week old Pure White Boxer --- what a happy little 2some they are!

I served in the Air Force for 6 wonderful years, getting out after Alyssa was diagnosed w/her tumor. I loved the Air Force, loved what I did...but God has other plans for me. My hubbie is still active Duty Air Force and is a Military Training Instructor (MTI) or Drill Sergeant for those that don't know what an MTI is.

I have a MySpace page www.myspace.com/happymama that I love to update...

My daughter has a web page that I update weekly - it's to help family keep in contact without feeling like they are bugging us...www.caringbridge.org/al/sweetalyssa

That's all for me!